UNIT Baits Royal Banana Boilies

240,00 kr. 300,00 kr.



Boilies Royal Banana from UNIT Baits

Boilies Royal Banana from UNIT Baits guarantee high-quality boilies. The spheres are available in various diameters, from 12 to 25 mm. This allows you to mix various diameters for a feeding campaign. Feed the bulbs and choose from UNIT Baits’ extensive range of hookbaits, including:

1. Royal Banana – Split

2. Royal Banana Wafter

In addition, you can give your boilies a great extra attraction by adding a baitsmoke or dip, for example. Of course these are available in the same flavour!

1. Royal Banana – Boilie dip

2. Royal Banana – Baitsmoke

The pellets are supplied in a robust, sealable bag with a capacity of 5 kilos.

Royal Banana Range

The Royal Banana range from UNIT Baits is based on a proven recipe. This recipe is a sweet dumpling that has been proven for years, which has brought a mountain of large fish to the side. The bulb is yellow in color, lots of herbs and a great banana flavour. The ball is the ultimate for sweet bait lovers.

The Royal Banana range from UNIT Baits can be called very complete: we have no less than 4 different diameters, namely 12, 15, 20 and 25 mm. In addition, the range has pop ups in different diameters, wafters in different diameters, pellets, split wafters, hard hookbaits, a boilie dip and even a baitsmoke.

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