UNIT Baits Royal Banana Boilie Dip

47,20 kr. 59,00 kr.


Boilie dip Royal Banana

The boiliedip Royal Banana from UNIT Baits are carefully composed and prepared from the best ingredients. You can use the dip to give your hookbait, pellets or boilies an extra boost. The extra attraction that this gives off can give off just that little bit of extra scent to catch those hard-to-catch fish. You can use the boilie dip perfectly in combination with:

1. Boilies Royal Banana

2. Royal Banana- Hard Hookbaits

Royal Banana Range

The Royal Banana range from UNIT Baits is based on a proven recipe. This recipe is a sweet dumpling that has been proven for years, which has brought a mountain of large fish to the side. The bulb is yellow in color, lots of herbs and a great banana flavour. The ball is the ultimate for sweet bait lovers.

The Royal Banana range from UNIT Baits can be called very complete: we have no less than 4 different diameters, namely 12, 15, 20 and 25 mm. In addition, the range has pop ups in different diameters, wafters in different diameters, pellets, split wafters, hard hookbaits, a boilie dip and even a baitsmoke.

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