DNA Baits Secret 7 Liquid Bait Soak

51,00 kr. 85,00 kr.

DNA Baits



The same amino-liquid-based combinations used in the production of our freezer baits. Based around marine-extract proteins, liquid-meat extracts, vegetable extracts, spices and, where applicable, the same subtle flavours used in the relevant baits. Superb as bait soaks or additions to stick mixes and groundbaits. A useful tip is to cover some mid-protein carp pellets in this liquid and leave overnight to soak, giving you a perfectly matched pellet to your chosen freezer bait.

Secret 7 Liquid Food –Along with a smooth peach and orange flavour, this liquid food includes our superb Krill Hydrolysate and a pure human-grade Molasses, making a free-amino attractor package to die for.

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