I started using Sticky products in the winter of 2013.
I was well aware of the incredible success story of the Krill and it was hard to ignore - it was turning over every hard water around. Additionally, I knew the owner of the company from my days of fishing at Wraysbury and was aware that he was highly resourceful and not someone to cut corners.
His mission was to create the best quality baits possible and he goes to great lengths to ensure that the bait is not only highly palatable and effective at catching the fish but he is also obsessed with the bait being really good for the fish. The ingredients are generally sourced from areas outside the usual areas in the bait market and this is one of the things that makes Sticky so different.
The bait is formulated by scientific minds in a factory that resembles a giant laboratory; they have even spent a great deal of money installing a purification system so the bait is all cooked in purified water - not many companies are doing it at this level. Since using the bait
I have had two of my best seasons ever with personal best beating fish from several venues including fish to 63lbs in France and 47lbs in the UK. Needless to say, I have immense confidence in the product range and unreservedly recommend it to all my clients.’
Adam Penning October 2015


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